Eliza 1.0.7

A WordPress magazine theme that makes your content beautiful and organized.

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Eliza, named after that famous psychoterapist, let’s you create a magazine website with a clean and modern design. Eliza comes with two custom widgets, In This Section, which lists subcategories in the category archive pages; and Posts from Category, which shows the latest posts from a specific category.

Make it Yours

Custom Logo
Eliza supports custom logo, so you can showcase your brand in your site with ease. Just adds your logo to your Customize panel and see Eliza adapts it.

Custom Menus
You can add two custom menus to Eliza: one in the header and another in the footer. It’s great to create two navigation flows for your content.

Widget areas
There are two widget areas in Eliza: a charming sidebar, shown in every page; and a useful and discreet area below your posts in single view. If the comments are disabled to a certain post, you can choose to show a message, or any other widget you want, just below the post content.


It's easy to add Eliza to your WordPress!

  1. In your WordPress Dashboard, go to AppearanceThemes.
  2. Click on Add New and search for Eliza.
  3. Click on Install, then customize it and activate on your site!


Do you need any help with Eliza? Don't hesitate to contact me! You can ask for support, report any bugs and send feature request via the support forums.

Are you a developer and found a bug or want to make Eliza better? Great! You can find the source code on GitHub, the Issues are open! Let's work together and make the theme amazing to everyone! :)

Check out the latest release notes to see what's new.